Introspection collaboration with Emily Dumas

To look within yourself is to reveal a collection of intricacies, and combination of experiences that add up to your whole being. What you've gathered from memories, experiences, childhood, and self growth cause you to walk through life in your own special world. Introspection serves as a visual and interactive metaphor, which upon stepping inside, entices viewers to experience a realization of the minutiae of the nest of the human psyche, delicately woven together through textile, texture, and glass. As a printmaker and fiber artist, Julie Kenniston has been creating nests on paper and with textiles as a means of creating space for reflection. Julie created the individual pieces through wet-felting, using various types of wool and fabric connected with handspun yarn. This represents the diversity of pieces within one's inner self held together by a common thread. Emily Dumas' stained glass eyes contribute to this diversity, representing the duality of self through consciousness,' both internal and external. Duality, along with judgment, has been an overarching theme in multimedia artist's, Emily's work, seen through the common use of both soft and hard, textile and glass, opaque and translucent. The eyes serve to represent judgment--unique to each person's own sum of experience and perception--as formed through nature, nurture, and meditation. Both artists processes throughout Introspection have indeed been introspective, meditative and tedious.